Designed to extend the working range of your robot so it can serve multiple work stations or accommodate a product that is normally outside the robot's working envelope.

These products are servo controlled and fully integrated with the robot’s control system for additional flexibility.

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The TSL is a high-performance, servo-powered, floor-mounted track with one or two robot carriers providing a high production capacity.

TSL Track

It can be used to transport a robot from one station to another, or to increase the robot’s working range e.g. when welding large objects. Its low noise level contributes to an improved working environment. The TSL-1000 has several options and accessories available making it easy to customize to meet your demands. The TSL-2000 and 4000 provide an ideal solution for heavy payloads and high-speed operations.

The TSL has maximum payload of 4000 kg, a travel length of up to 24 meters and a maximum speed of 1,8 m/s.


The VST is a servo-powered rotating base used to extend the robot’s working radius for a reliable operation.

VST 2500

The three sizes available cover the whole MOTOMAN robot range with a handling capacity from 6 to 500 kg. The VST is synchronized with the robot making it easy to program, and its straightforward design provides a cost efficient and maintenance free solution.

The VST has maximum payload of 2500 kg and can increase the robot´s reach with 1000 or 1100 mm depending on the robot model.