Full integration with the DX100 robot controller ensures reduced programming time and achieves accurate positioning of the robot and the positioners during production. The range is of MOTOMAN positioners is outstanding so you can be sure that we have a unit that meets your exact robotic welding requirements.

  • Customers can consider robotic welding of more complex assemblies.
  • The robot can address the joint in a favourable weld position, which means higher quality and weld integrity.
  • A robot positioner can extend the working envelope of the robot by bringing the joint to the robot. Orbital welds can be addressed in a single operation by rotating the work piece resulting in improved bead appearance and higher weld integrity.
  • Fast positioning times reduces the overall welding cycle time, thus increasing productivity.
  • Easy to program using the robot's teach pendant, which means faster programming and more time to produce parts.
  • High repeatable accuracy resulting in high quality output.

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