YASKAWAs new next-generation DX200 controller features robust PC architecture and system-level control for robotic work cells. Using patented multiple robot control technology, as well as I/O devices and communication protocols furthermore it provides built-in ladder logic processing including 4,096 I/O addresses, a variety of fieldbus network connections, a high-speed E-server connection and I/F panels (10) which shows the HMI on the pendant. It often eliminates the need for separate PLC and human machine interface (HMI) and delivers significant cost savings at system level, while decreasing work cell complexity and improving overall reliability. Dynamic interference zones protect the robot arm and provide advanced collision avoidance.


  • Application specific function packages including more than 120 functions
  • Optional category 3 Functional Safety Unit (FSU)
  • High productivity
  • Low integration costs
  • Integrated cell control capabilities
  • High reliability and energy efficiency
  • Easy maintanance
  • Simple programming
  • Convenient compact flash slot and USB port facilitate memory backups
  • DX200 Controller